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Large diameter coins worth much more than ordinary diameters because usually they are early casts. For Guang Xu, usually 23mm+ are large diameters. 

Guang Xu Tong Bao Bao Wu 1 cash large diameter(光緒通寶寶武大样)

23mm+ diameter 

Dynasty: Qing (清)

Emperor: Guang Xu (1875 - 1908 AD)

Mint Era: 1898 - 1905 AD 

The Guangxu Emperor was the eleventh emperor of the Qing Dynasty, and the ninth Qing emperor to rule over China. His reign lasted from 1875 to 1908, but in practice he ruled, under Empress Dowager Cixi's influence, only from 1889 to 1898. He initiated the Hundred Days' Reform, but was abruptly stopped when Cixi launched a coup in 1898, after which he was put under house arrest until his death. His regnal name means "glorious succession". 



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Beautiful coin - usually the words of these Kai Yuan eras are not clear and this one is beautiful with clear words!! 


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Heavier than usual type - 5g!!  

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Kangxi Tong Bao, beautiful patina! 康熙通寶紫砂繡

Large diameter -27mm +

Qing Dynasty 1644-1912 AD (清朝)
Reign: Kangxi 1662-1722 AD
Kangxi's reign of 61 years makes him the longest-reigning Chinese emperor in history and one of the longest-reigning rulers in the world. 

Kangxi is considered one of China's greatest emperors. He suppressed the Revolt of the Three Feudatories, forced the Kingdom of Tungning in Taiwan to submit to Qing rule, blocked Tsarist Russia on the Amur River and expanded the empire in the northwest. He also accomplished such literary feats as the compilation of the Kangxi Dictionary.

Kangxi's reign brought about long-term stability and relative wealth after years of war and chaos. He initiated the period known as the "Prosperous Era of Kangxi and Qianlong", which lasted for generations after his own lifetime. However during his late years, the government was too comfortable to the stability and Kang-xi's relative forgiving character, corruption and government inefficiency began to erupt.





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Dynasty: Ming 明朝

Reign: Tianqi Emperor 1607-1627 明熹宗朱由校

Zhu Youjiao became emperor at the age of 15, and suffered from a learning disability. However, he was an outstanding carpenter and craftsman, often spending vast amounts of time on woodworking. Because the Tianqi Emperor was unable to read court memorials and uninterested in state affairs, the court eunuch Wei Zhongxian, and the emperor's wet nurse Madam Ke seized power and controlled the Ming imperial court, with the Tianqi Emperor as merely a puppet ruler.  


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RARE! Japanese mint during the era of Ming dynasty 

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Fine. Long Xin is generally pricing much higher compared to other Southern Song coins in the market because it was only issued for 1 year! 

Cast period: Emperor Xiaozong of Southern Song (1163-1164)

Emperor Xiaozong was the 11th emperor of the Song dynasty in China and the second emperor of the Southern Song dynasty.  


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Diameter: 2.5 cm 


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diameter: 24.7mm 

Zhou Yuan Tong Bao reverse bottom mooncrest 周元通寶背下月

Dynasty: The Five Dynasties & Ten Kingdoms Posterior Zhou (951-960 AD) (五代十國- 後周)

Emperor: Chai Rong (柴榮)

Mint Era: Xian De 955 AD (顯德二年)


The Posterior Zhou was the last in a succession of five dynasties that controlled most of northern China during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, which lasted from 907 to 960 and bridged the gap between the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty.

Chai Rong was the second emperor of imperial China's short-lived Later Zhou Dynasty during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, reigning from 954 until his death.Emperor Shizong is considered a highly successful emperor of the Five Dynasties period. He centralized military power by his reforms, and proved his military prowess by a series of victories against Northern Han, Later Shu, Southern Tang, and the Liao Dynasty. Although his accomplishments were limited due to his premature death, they paved way for Chinese reunification later completed by the Song Dynasty, founded by his trusted general Zhao Kuangyin.